Hot Tar Crack Filling

When it comes to pourable asphalt crack sealant, the best option is always hot-pour asphalt crack filler because it is more sustainable, durable, and flexible than cold-pour asphalt crack sealer.

Hot-Pour Asphalt Crack Sealer

  • It can be used in a larger variety of locations, such as commercial parking lots, highways, side roads, driveways, main roads, etc.
  • It is delivered to the site in solid form and then melted down to liquid form on site.
  • It is poured directly into the crack to thoroughly repair and fill all parts of the crack and prevent further damage.
  • It can be used to seal very deep cracks that cannot be fixed with cold-pour asphalt crack sealer
  • Hot-pour asphalt crack filler is a little more expensive than cold-pour asphalt crack sealer, but it offers a much more permanent solution.
  • It does not shrink in cold weather or when hardened, and it can adjust to any and all temperatures and weather patterns; it contracts and expands as the ground freezes or thaws.
  • It is highly pliable and can be applied in any workable weather conditions, hot or cold, with very minimal shrinkage.
  • Hot-pour asphalt crack fillers are always asphalt based which means they have a higher concentration of asphalt mix than water.

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